OLCS is a registered charity

How much does it cost?

Our subscriptions run from September to August and the annual membership subscription is £100 (which is about £2.50 per rehearsal!). If you join us after Christmas the subscription is £65 for the remainder of the subscription year. We are a registered charity and subscriptions qualify for tax relief under Gift Aid, and we hope that all our members who pay income tax will allow us to recover tax on payments made to the Society.

What does my subscription cover?

Your subscriptions help to pay for our Director of Music, Michael Burbidge, the hire of our music and the use of the church for rehearsals and performances.

Are there any additional costs?

Income from our ticket sales helps towards the cost of soloists, accompanists, orchestra and the performance and copyright fees, as well as other costs such as printing, website, publicity etc.

We also enjoy a variety of social events including our summer social, quiz nights, workshops  and trips to concerts.  These events are separate from your subscription.

How can I pay for my membership?

Your membership can be paid by cash, cheque or debit card.

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